The Art Due Diligence Group

The Art Due Diligence Group (ADDG) comprises a specially selected team of experts with years of experience in the art market, formed to enable full and proper due diligence in high value art transactions.

Within the group is a leading art claim service and art database service that can deal with title issues and any recovery issues concerning stolen or looted art, a leading forensic laboratory that can conduct all the necessary scientific tests to check whether an artwork is a fake or forgery, has been wrongly attributed, is by a particular artist through their expertise in forensic analysis and research, a leading security company that can facilitate due diligence checks on clients and can manage all security issue concerning an artwork, our art law team at the 36 Group and a leading defamation and reputation management law firm, independent art advisory services and mediation specialists.  

The group has been formed to provide a joined up expert due diligence service for clients who want a one stop shop for their art due diligence process.

The services provided are as follows:

  • title claim checks and registration;
  • provenance research;
  • authentication – assisting with seeking expert reports, such as art expert opinions from the relevant Artists’ authenticating bodies and relevant art historians in the field;
  • all forensic testing and analysis for authentication; attribution, condition reporting;
  • condition reports from conservators and restorers;
  • seeking valuations;
  • background checks on potential buyers or sellers;
  • money laundering checks;
  • security for the artworks;
  • transport of artworks, associated security services, export documentation and meeting customs requirements;
  • insurance to cover transport, title, storage, financing, exhibition loans and consignment;
  • recovery of stolen artworks and associated security services;
  • all legal issues arising involving and arising out of a transaction, from legal contracts for private sales, facilitating a sales process, ADR and mediation solutions and litigation;
  • reputation management, defamation and PR issues relating to either the artwork or parties involved in the transaction;
  • other art related services through trusted connections and
  • further research as may be necessary